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Friday, August 05, 2005

I'm Not Truffaut

It's my last day in Niger and I spent my time reading a few of the MILLION EMAILS I recieve bi-hourly each day. Which is how I came across this interesting link sent to me by reader ML.

First of all, that is not me. I wouldn't choose Truffaut as a username if I were to join that LUNATIC FRINGE CLAN. I would choose the username Agnes Varda. Big difference.

And secondly, I don't need to do any shameless plugging. I happen to be AN INTERNATIONAL SHOE POLISH JOURNALIST with a fan base over A MILLION. (More on that later.)

And thirdly, even if that was me (which it wasn't) and even if I did start a diary with a plug and link to my own blog (WHICH I DIDN'T)that doesn't mean you have to do anything but NOT CLICK ON IT and YOU'LL BE OKAY AND WON'T WASTE YOUR TIME.



  • I cant enjoy anything,my dog ate my homework

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:58 PM  

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