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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

I Think I Know What's Best For Black People

The PRESIDENT (our Commander and Chief) said some things that really made me think the other day. He was talking about social security. (I like to call it Socialist Security.) What made me think was when he talked about how unfair SS is to black people.

I have always been interested in how fair different government programs are to black people. It probably ranks 7th on my list of important issues or interests. (6-Discus hurling, 5-Steve Sanders, 4-Staying Sexy After All These Years, 3-My Weapon, 2-French New Wave Cinema, 1-Shoe Polish Reporting: Unvarnished and Unfiltered) So when The President pointed out that black people usually get shot or knifed before they reach 65, I was obviously outraged. Let me try to unvarnish this a bit and make it easier for you to understand.


Take Diff'rent Strokes. My guess is that Mr. D only adopted Willis and Arnold in order to make sure they got real above-board, on-the-books jobs. (If they stayed in Harlem they would have most likely sold drugs.) That way, they could pay into Mr. D's SS before they get knifed or shot without ever collecting themselves. That's just not fair.

kimberly garrett

They would also be paying into his daughter and housekeeper's bureaucratic SS account.

Also remember that Arnold never grows, and could never pass for 65 even if he makes it that long without getting knifed or shot.

Mr. D already lives in a penthouse in NYC and is a card-carrying BONKERS Lefty Limousine Liberal. Yeah, I'd say social security needs to be strengthened in a major way.


And don't think George Papadapolis didn't know exactly what he was doing with that little black Webster.


  • Weren't you in Right Said Fred?

    By Blogger Trey Desolay, at 1:18 AM  

  • That other guy who isn't Jeff Gannon updated his blog today and said:

    Tom Bevan has an great piece at Real Clear Politics, PLAYING HARDBALL WITH MAUREEN DOWD, in which he makes some good points about this gal who probably needs a bit of the old Jeff Gannon to relieve some of that pent up whatever. What exactly did he mean by that?

    By Blogger Princess Sparkle Pony, at 5:33 PM  

  • You're not only sexy, but also incredibly BRILLIANT! How's a nice girl to catch a fox like you?

    By Blogger imanicegirl, at 5:44 PM  

  • Do you like French New Wave Cinema, Steve Sanders, Right Wing Ideaology, weapons, Growing Pains, and the Unvarnished things in life?

    By Blogger J. Gannon, at 6:26 PM  

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