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Thursday, February 17, 2005

It Seems As If You Guys LOVE Me

I just wanted to thank everyone for the thoughtful comments and words of encouragement you've been sharing lately. (Especially in regards to my Shocking Announcement, which led to the revealing of my French New Wave Wish List, which is still robust.) In the early days of the site it seemed as if everyone HATED me, but I think you've responded well to my unvarnished style and now love me. (Not in a homosexual way.)

I'd like to thank those lurkers out there as well. There are roughly 700,000 of you and I totally understand where you're coming from; sometimes I just like to watch too. (Anyone know if that's the proper use of a semi-colon?)

And finally, I'd like to thank the two of you out there who did something that you know you did. I sincerely appreciate it. I also realize it's possible that you're a BONKERS Lefty. Possibly a member of the Hollywood Bonkers Left. So I guess you're my first two BONKERS Lefty friends. But you still hate America.

Since it seems as if you guys love me, I've decided to reward you with some new segments. Mailbag is extremely popular (even though it's not an actual mailbag) so I figured you might be craving some other regular features.

First up is my new Jeff Gannon Blog Media Watch segment. Even though I'm not really Jeff Gannon, it should be decent. Just give me a little while.

Chat away about anything you want. (Just don't refer me Jeff Gannon.)

UPDATE: I am NOT Sally Field.

UPDATE II: Where are you Tomato?


  • Well of course we love you. And there's no need to channel Sally Field.

    Personally, I've found this blog to be really entertaining and fun. I was just reading it but when you made your shocking announcement, I had to jump in. Keep it up and do some new stuff. I can't wait.

    Not sure about the semi-colon. I would have probably used a dash.

    See you at the Cinematique.

    By Blogger steverford, at 7:50 PM  

  • sweetie, we do you love you--but i love you the most. i feel like we've really connected...not like the way that bonkers hollyweird actor and that french slut connected on that stupid train in that movie that i hated so much, but in much the same way i connected to my father and my father's gun.

    By Anonymous daughter of the american revolution, at 8:45 PM  

  • things i love; not jeff gannon, america, my christian identity retreats, my gun, posing naked after a shower with my gun, watching things explode, michael bay movies, and mel gibson movies.

    things i don't love; bonkers lefty media, hollywood elites who try to shove their gay agenda down on our throat. gays who try to shove their shameless lifestyle down our throats by doing things like walking down the street holding hands, usurping the teachings of jesus and our fore fathers my trying to get special rights for themselves and their minions of sodomites, the way they talk all flamey, they way they try to molest our children right under our noses by becoming scout leaders, mostly i hate the way they are turning our beautifully heterosexual god fearing country into the united states of fag-merica.

    By Anonymous reverend fred phelps, at 9:33 PM  

  • We'd love you even if you WERE Jeff Gannon, or even if you were pretending to be Jeff Gannon. But you're not.


    By Anonymous Not a BONKERS lefty, at 10:07 PM  

  • i love njg almost as much as i love; my paper shredder, my personal savior jesus christ, the wonderful financial opportunity i received from the very magnanimous pat robertson, my bible, mining for diamonds in Sierre leonne, god, america's foreign policy under ronald reagan--specifically as it pertains to honduras, nicragua, and el salvador, the waltons, and sixteen year old tawainese hookers.

    things i don't love as much as njg;
    queers and the irs.

    By Anonymous ralph reed, at 10:28 PM  

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