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Friday, January 28, 2005

President Discusses Health Care Information Technology Benefits

I did some investigative journalism today and found this little nugget of unvarnished and unfiltered news. What I like the most about this unvarnished quote from President Bush is his willingness to frame his ideas in "other words." In other words, President Bush makes his position crystal clear. I present to you a short excerpt from a speech made in Cleveland, OH, on January 27th, 2005. Enjoy!

"Let me give you an interesting idea that I think small business owners need to look at, and those are called health savings accounts -- or individuals need to look at it, or families need to look a health savings accounts. A health savings account is basically a plan that says you buy a high deductible, catastrophic plan -- in other words, you cover your first $2,000 of medical expenses, and then the insurance kicks in after that -- and that to cover the medical -- routine medical expenses up to $2,000 your business contributes tax-free into the plan, which is -- and if you don't spend the $2,000, in other words, if you make right choices about how you live and what you put into your body, in other words, if you prevent disease by exercising on a daily basis, and there's money not spent in the account, you can roll it over from one year to the next tax-free. And as you withdraw the money, you can do so tax-free."


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